Monday, August 9, 2010


What a weekend! So much fun but I am really tired today. On Saturday morning woke up early to head to a photo shoot in High Point State Park in NJ (the highest point in NJ where you can view NY, PA, and NJ). It was an amazing time because we did two of my favorite things, hike and have a photo shoot…FUN!!! During the shoot at first I was busy and left it to the model, the photographer and lighting crew to figure out the modeling poses. OF COURSE! When you leave guys to do that job it ends up looking a little like a playboy shoot so I ended that session and my creative mind went to work. Its ok guys I understand, your men you can’t help it lol. The shoot over all was great but what made it 100% more professional was the new lighting equipment that the photographer bought. and the Models on Saturday. Looking forward to many more shoots. Keep booking models Lao!

Models: Nikki
Models: Nikki and Jasmine

Nikki- Model

Jasmine- Model

ME! (doing make up)
Elson- Lighting (gray shirt)
Lao- Photographer

Me and the models having Fun.
Peace = Love



  1. Nice coverage! So much fun, wish everyone was able to participate. Time to brain storm on another theme

  2. What a great shoot! Missy you're awesome at make-up and I loved your creative directing! Thank god we have you there lol who knows what we'd be posing -nicky:)

  3. haha, i liked your comment with the 'playboy shoot'! never trust guys on this one!

    i enjoyed seeing these behind the scenes photos! very nice & fun too!

    oxx from

  4. this looks fun! great photos!