Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kelly Cutrone book

Hey !!!!! I FINALLY picked up the Kelly Cutrone book yesterday because I lately I have been feeling a little down that I still don't have my personal goal accomplished. I just needed a boost and read something motivative and what better then a book by, the no holds bar women in the PR world, Kelly Cutrone. She truly is a smart person and is the motivation I am looking for, I've always know I want to run Runway Shows but I would love to start at least working for her one day and get the experience I NEED! (Email me Kelly if you read this, lol)...
As far as the book goes, I would say READ IT! Its a great book for woman who are looking for someone empowering and help you open your eyes all in a positive way. AND Yes, she will hit you in the head with a dose of reality that not ever your mother can do but what would the book be without that :-). I am not done with the book but one fact is true this book is a great read! ENJOY it!**


*Peace, love, and a FIERCE POSE*

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