Friday, April 16, 2010

The AGAR Appeal Photoshoot.

AGAR Apparel

About 4 weeks ago this designer/friend contacted me because he was launching his new line. He wanted to know if Fierce Pose could coordinated the shoot for him and I said HELL YEAH and we made magic!
SO! As I promised a couple weeks ago to you all, here are the pictures from my last photoshoot I did for Agar Apparel. I'm so happy to be apart of this shoot because it came out insanely awesome. I must say all the T-shits at AGAR Apparel is 100% FIERCE APPROVED. The designer behind the madness is Mark Garcia, who is the graphic designer and owner of this amazing line, check out the site I also have to send a special thank you to all models and to my photographer Joeham Collado, who did a great job.

Enjoy the pictures below and tell me what shirt you Love:

Owner and designer: Mark Garcia
Photoshoot coordinator: Fierce Pose
Photographer: Joeham Collado
Model: Linette Duque, Michael Diaz, Storm Lewis, Betsy Balkind, Jasmine Hurtado

The man behind it all Mark Garcia.

And everyone doing a FIERCE POSE! :-)