Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm done watching TV

Currently, home just listening to music, drinking some Honey Tea, surfing the net and just trying to find some peace within. Right now I feel my mind is running 1000 ideas at one time and I'm just trying to make some sense of it. Since I've turn 25 I've been motivated to just do things and not sit and watch T.V. I want to meditate, I want to read books, I want to Knit, I want to cook, I want to coordinate more shoots, I want to own my own business, I want to go on adventures and travel the world. I want to do it all and write about it on my blog.
Now to start it off is my photoshoot tomorrow for my friends new line of T-Shirts ( Its going to be awesome. Once the pictures are edited I will be posting them up, so keep an eye out and follow me on this blog.
Here is a taste for your eye in the mean time of a past shoot I coordinated. ENJOY IT

Model: Linette D

Model: Diana R.

Make-up: Lisa P.
Photographer: Annamaria & Pam

Winter is over and I'm ready to do it all. :-)

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  1. Reading books is a plus missy D. I'm glad your learning something from me lol